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Grants Overview

Each year, grant applications are submitted by teachers or administrators to the Foundation Board. The Board thoroughly reviews proposed grants and awards those deemed most compelling and beneficial to students’ growth and development. The Foundation works closely with the administration and Board of Education to insure that all proposals are consistent with the school district’s curricular needs and long-range plans, and that any grant’s ongoing maintenance costs can be absorbed into the school budget.

Thanks to the generosity of the Byram Hills community, the Byram Hills Education Foundation has awarded over 344 grants totaling over $4.3 million since its inception in 1994.


Consistent with its mission, grants have been awarded to each of the four schools and district-wide, enabling teachers and administrators to introduce creative programs and equipment beyond what is covered by the school district’s operating budget.


The Foundation’s consistent funding has encouraged teachers to ‘think outside the box’ in providing students with enriching, curriculum-based learning opportunities.


In 2016-17 the BHEF awarded six (6) grants for a total of $389,269, including three signature grants outlined below and three (3) Insta-Grants outlined here

Library 2.0, Coman Hill, Wampus and H.C. Crittenden Middle School, $313,000:  The Library 2.0 grant transforms the library experience for all students at Coman Hill, Wampus and H.C. Crittenden. This exciting directed giving grant extends recent 21st Century learning grants and captures the power of media, technology and learning spaces. This grant integrates STEAM and Makers Spaces, updates presentation technology, utilizes active learning spaces, and connects the library and computer labs.

Professional Development for Global Competency Initiative, BHHS, $32,430: 
This grant creates a learning community to stimulate and support curriculum development that promotes interdisciplinary global competency. This grant includes a service-learning component that provides a hands-on, authentic learning environment for students that better prepares them for the 21st Century skills needed to be a productive citizen. In the long-term this grant can serve as a model for a professional learning community and help develop a systematic, turnkey approach to the Global Competency Initiative that can be extended to other schools within the District.

TV and Film Curtained Production Area with Cyclorama: 
A curved green screen wall and lighting system, BHHS $29,934: This grant redesigns a portion of an existing art and film editing studio and equips it with a permanent film and television studio annex. The grant includes a built-in ‘Cyclorama which is a curved green screen wall that can be used as a background for any virtual stage or as an unlimited deep space effect. This new area allows students to insert a variety of background or graphics into almost any production. This new production area serves as a functional addition to the existing film program and also enhances other programs and projects through the high school. It serves as a permanent production annex for any large-scale Bobcat TV/Media Studio project and greatly enhances the creative activities with the existing art and film studio. This grant is generously funded by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund.



Student Voice Circles: A Leadership and Facilitation Model for Student Learners (BHHS, $2,500) This grant funds a leadership training program to promote cultural diversity and global competence among Sophomore and Junior members of the Student Leadership Board. Students and teachers will receive training on Student Voice Circles – a school leadership and improvement model based on inclusion and equity. This grant is generously funded by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund.

Potterbot 3D Ceramic Printer (BHHS $2,500) – This ceramic printer allows art students to use CAD software to design unique and reproducible forms and to create more complex forms than typical hand building and wheel forming processes allow. This printer lays “ribbons” of clay quickly and precisely so the resulting art piece can be altered in any way using traditional claywork methods or left intact for firing. This grant is generously funded by the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund.

Bringing Nature to Life through the Bruce Museum of Art (Wampus, $905) – This program brings museum objects and live animals to eight third grade classrooms. The program engages students in an interactive, object and inquiry based learning experience that incorporates both science and art in the classroom setting.