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Messages from the Board, Testimonials

Chairman’s Letter:

Fall 2018 

We are fortunate to live in a District with a long tradition of educational excellence.  It is the reason that many of us have chosen to live in this community.  However, as state mandates require more resources and the school budget remains under pressure, it is increasingly difficult to fund many programs that would positively impact our children’s education.

That is where the Byram Hills Education Foundation plays a vital role.  A unique collaboration between the private and public sectors, the Foundation has become the District’s innovation engine, funding grants that touch the lives of every student across every discipline.  Recent examples of how the Foundation has contributed to the Byram Hills experience include:

  • Funding the Wellness For Life initiative for the entire District, including partnering with Stanford University to help foster a school climate that balances academic rigor with student wellness
  • Funding an interactive play space at Coman Hill and an outdoor obstacle course at Wampus as part of the Wellness initiative
  • Enhancing the Library experience at Coman Hill, Wampus and H.C. Crittenden
  • Providing coding, robotics, engineering, electronics and 3D modeling as part of the Full STEAM Ahead initiative
  • Funding STEAM Labs and 21st Century Classrooms for H.C. Crittenden and BHHS
  • Funding the 1:1 Mobile Learning Pilot for the entire sixth grade at H.C. Crittenden

The generous support of the community has enabled the Foundation to make a positive impact.  We thank our volunteers, our school partners and our donors for their outstanding generosity and commitment.  We hope we can count on your continued support.  Together, we can continue to make Byram Hills a great place to learn.


Jason Berland

Chairman, BHEF

Message from the Superintendent:

Fall 2018

Dear Byram Hills Parents and Community Members,
Each day, students and staff in the Byram Hills School District are provided with opportunities to excel thanks to the generosity and forward thinking of the Byram Hills Education Foundation.  The BHEF continues to impact the curriculum and learning environment through Direct Giving Grants, the Fall Grant Cycle, and Insta-Grants. 

This fall, the BHEF is working closely with the District on the Wellness for Life Direct Giving Grants.  Students at the elementary level will experience a motivational guest speaker who will conduct assemblies and classroom mindfulness workshops.  The goal is to help students develop strategies to self-regulate emotions and ultimately relieve stress, fear, and anxiety.  At H.C.C. and BHHS the focus will be on continuing the partnership with Stanford University to review the Challenge Success data and develop opportunities to make changes in each building that support student readiness to learn and succeed.  The BHEF Direct Giving Grants provide opportunities for students, parents, staff, and the administration to contribute their thinking in order to make necessary changes to our schools that focus on student wellness.


Although the Direct Giving Grants are a significant K-12 approach, the work of the BHEF to support classroom initiatives is also impressive.  Last year, motion activated cameras for physics classes, foam cutters for science and the arts, Vex Robotics tools, a solar telescope, Storyworks reading series, a trip to the wolf sanctuary for our Wampus students, a Wellness Day keynote speaker and a 3D PotterBot printer were among the grants teachers received to support their work with your children. 

Our goal as a District is to Create the Leaders of the Next Generation.  I hope that you will consider learning more about the Foundation and support the District’s mission for your children!



Jen Lamia, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools